Bilingual Communication Strategies Price List

Bilingual Communication Strategies Price List

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Public Relations Plan - $750  for a 6-prong plan which includes long-range and short-range strategies, goals and tactics and a SWOTS analysis

Public Relations

Conference Coordination ($25 per hour)

Media or Event Spokesperson ($100 per hour)

English and Spanish News Releases ($150 each or $250 in both languages)

English and Spanish Brochures (Depends on the length) 

English and Spanish Social Media Posts ($30 for a paragraph)

English and Spanish Newsletters ($300 for 3 topics in one language; $450 for a bilingual newsletter) 


English↔ Spanish Translation ($40 a page or 15 cents a word)

English ↔ Spanish Proofreading ($20 a page)

Simultaneous Interpretation

English↔Spanish ($75 a hour)  

Video Production

Videography ($75 an hour)

Editing  ($75 an hour)

English and Spanish Voice Overs ($50 a minute)

Turn-Around Time

Projects typically take a week with the exception of projects greater than 30 pages. 

Expedited projects will incur an additional cost depending on the time frame and the number of pages.