Corporate Responsability


Eco-friendly and Recyclable Products

We show our committment to the environment, by producing products that use eco-friendly and recyclable materials.  Our jewelers use silver, copper and natural stones and these products last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation as family heirlooms.  They can also be recycled and reused. 

Other vendors sell  clothing, handbags and shoes and many of the products come from Mexico and Latin America, many made by indigenous people. 

Improving Lives

Since our inception in 2017, the Artisan Mercado has given back to the community by sponsoring auctions to raise funds for regional and international causes. 


The Artisan Mercado hosted a Silent Auction to Benefit Hurricane Harvey Disaster Victims. The City of Houston suffered a devastating flood after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the city.  The event raised $225  which  was donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief for Harvey Hurricane Victims. 


A silent auction Benefitting Colectiva Xólotl, a non-profit group from Matamoros, Tamaulipas that aids immigrant women with legal and medical expenses, was held during the Artisan Mercado. Vendors donated  items which were bought by attendees. Some $586.29 in proceeds and merchandise were sent to Colectiva Xólotl.   

Helping Small Business

We are commited to helping small businesses grow by giving micro businesses without a storefront a place to sell their goods at an affordable price. We value handcrafted items and we require all vendors to make at least 60% of their merchandise. 

Promoting Diversity

The Artisan Mercado strives to promote Latinx artists and artisans or others with Latino-themed products. We value Hispanic and indigenous cultures, languages, traditions and products and pride ourselves on being able to offer products that represent Latinos, many of which are from the Southwest, Mexico and Latin America.